A Strange Day in InfoLand

It seems this April Fool’s thing is catching on. I almost fell for a story on NPR this morning about The Economist opening a theme park called “Econoland,” featuring a Dow Jones rollercoaster — until I heard the words “April First” emphasized in the sign off.

I wasn’t so gullible when I read that the PBS series, Masterpiece will switch from their traditional focus on the classics to graphic novels this year.

My favorite April Fooler, however, is John Mutter in Shelf Awareness, who delivers another classic this year.

Sorry, no jokes here today. We do want to offer a welcome to our new sponsor, Algonquin, beginning on this auspicious day. Their book, Work Hard, Be Nice is described by USA Today as, “A vivid account of two young men who transform themselves from ‘terrible’ first-year teachers into visionaries.” 

Check your holdings; there are heavy reserves in several areas.

One Response to “A Strange Day in InfoLand”

  1. marie Says:

    my favorite april fool’s joke today was on my favorite lost fansite- an announcement that the show had been cancelled!