A New Kind of Cookbook

It’s the anti-Fannie Farmer, according to the Wall Street Journal (“A Shift to Recipe-less Cooking“). It seems Ms. Farmer took the joy out of cooking by obsessing over exact measurements. 

The article focuses on Cooking Beyond Measure, a cookbook from a brand-new Portland, OR publisher, 76 Ave Press (this is their first book; the next one will be Hippie Kitchen). It was reviewed in Publishers Weekly, but clearly by an FF type;

This odd recipe collection…feels more like a conversation with a quirky cooking enthusiast than a full-fledged cookbook. Instead of using the traditional recipe format-lists of ingredients followed by detailed instructions on what to do with them- [it] relies on “recipe notes”…

WorldCat shows no libraries owning it.

Cooking Beyond Measure: How to Eat Well without Formal Recipes
Jean Johnson
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 212 pages
Publisher: Seventy-Sixth Avenue Press – (2008-08-01)
ISBN-10: 0981527108
ISBN-13: 9780981527109

The second book in this trend is coming this fall, written by well-known cookbook editor Judith Jones (she worked with Julia Child and published her own memoir last year, The Tenth Muse: My Life in Food)

The Pleasures of Cooking for One
Judith Jones
Price: $27.50
Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Knopf – (2009-09-29)
ISBN-10: 0307270726
ISBN-13: 9780307270726

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  1. sarah Says:

    worldcat shows all of the big Pac NW libraries owning it. We’ve had it for months.