Welcome to Fall!

Just as we’re feeling Spring in the air, the first of the fall catalogs appear from the Penguin Group.

A few highlights below to whet your appetite for your own discoveries (click on catalog covers to see the full catalogs):



Traveling with Pomegranates, Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter’s  “dual memoir” (jacket art used on catalog cover)– Sept, pgs 4 & 5.

Stones into Schools, Greg Mortenson and Mike Bryan; continues the story where Three Cups of Tea leaves off — Dec, pgs 42 & 43

Andrew Ross Sorkin, Too Big to Fail, — among the crowded field of books on the financial crisis, this one stands out because of Sorkin’s “DealBook” column for the  NY Times. This is his first book — Oct, pgs. 21 & 22.




Nick Hornby, Juliet, Naked — (jacket used on catalog cover) — Sept, pgs 2 & 3.

Man Who Loved Books Too Much, Alison Hoover Bartlett — Talk about a real-life horror story for librarians; this one is about John Charles Gilkey, who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of books, many of them from libraries — Sept, pgs 8 & 9.




(cover art is from the paperback reprint of Bacardi and the Long Fight for Cuba by Tom Gjelten)

Among the original the original trade paperbacks is a new title in Donna Leon’s Commissario Brunetti series, set in Venice, A Sea of Troubles — Sept., p 15



Who would think of the Scarlet Letter and Fashion Week in the same breath? Penguin has repackaged three classics (the other two are Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights) with covers by Ruben Toledo — Sept, pgs. 80 & 81




The cover art is from Ice Land, by Betsy Tobin, an original trade paperbacks historical epic, that the publisher compares to The Mists of Avalon — Sept, pgs. 6 & 7


    1984     animal-farm

In reprints, the Orwell reading list favorites have been repackaged with new covers and intros — p 32.



Saving the absolute best for last, MORE of the LOL Cat collection (oh, sorry, “colleckshun”). This time, as a motivational book — How To Take Over Teh Wurld — Oct, pgs. 52 & 53

If I have to explain LOL Cat to you, return your MLS immediately!

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