New NYT Bestseller List — ‘Graphic Books’

The NYT has just given grudging recognition to the growth in popularity of Manga, comic books and graphic novels, by  introducing three new bestseller lists. I say “grudging” since it seems the lists won’t appear in the newspaper, but in the “Arts Beat” blog. The lists are:

  • Graphic Books Hardcover
  • Graphic Books, Paperback
  • Graphic Books, Manga

The Manga list, of course is dominated by Naruto. Curiously, Watchmen is not #1 on the hardcover list (it comes in at #3 after the Starman Omnibus and Eerie Archives), but you understand why when you see it’s #1 on the paperback list.

There’s 20 titles on each list and it looks like they will be tracked weekly. In addition to the sources the NYT uses for their other lists, sales data is also coming from “retailers nationwide that specialize in graphic novels and comic books.”

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