The Kindle 2, Played for Laughs

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, to promote the Kindle 2, which ships today. Stewart showed a distinct lack of excitement, rivaling the most curmudgeonly technophobes (reminding me of certain discussions with John Berry of Library Journal). Bezos gamely tried to sell the Kindle’s advantages, giving Stewart the perfect opening when he said, somewhat desperately, “You can read it with one hand.”

The Kindle 2 gets a more sober and decidedly more friendly analysis in David Pogue’s column (The Kindle: Good Before, Better Now) in today’s New York Times.

One Response to “The Kindle 2, Played for Laughs”

  1. coffee Says:

    the Kindle reminds me of something i saw in an old school Star Trek episode, which is a good selling point… it’s a bit expensive tho