Shorten Wait Times; Charge Users!

To shorten the wait time for popular titles and DVD’s, the Dallas Public Library is expanding its “StreetSmart Express” program, which sets aside copies of popular books and DVDs and charges users $5 each to check them out, reports the Dallas Morning News.

Library customers can still check out copies for free, but the paper warns that the wait can be six to eight weeks for the free copies of popular titles; “On Thursday, more than 250 patrons had placed holds on the popular DVD Mamma Mia! The library has 54 copies through its regular loan program. Twenty-six copies are available for StreetSmart users.”

The program has grown since its introduction and has raised money for the library. Says the Morning News,

[the] StreetSmart program doubled in size from its launch in October through December. In total, consumers spent $10,405 on 2,081 items during those three months… [these] revenues have covered the costs of buying extra copies of popular titles.

The Dallas Morning News puts a positive spin on the story, saying the it’s cheaper for residents than buying a book.

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