‘Comatose’ Book-to-Movie Biz ‘Wakes Up’

Variety reports that two major book deals were finalized on Friday, calling this a “sign that the comatose book-to-movie biz may be waking up.”

Columbia won a “spirited” auction, paying $1 million for Angelology, a novel by Danielle Trussoni that,

…has drawn comparisons to…Dan Brown-penned novels, revolves around a 23-year-old nun who teams with an angelologist to thwart a group that tries to destroy mankind by harnessing the destructive powers of a race of angel/human hybrids

Trussoni’s 2006 memoir Falling Through the Earth, was a NYT Book Review Best Book of the Year. Viking is publishing the new book, which may the the first in a trilogy. No publication date has been announced.

Warner Bros. acquired the upcoming Jonathan Tropper novel This Is Where I Leave You, scheduled to be published by Dutton in Sept ’09. This is his fourth title in a row to be  acquired; all are still in development. Variety describes the plot,

A Jewish father’s last wish is that his nonreligious family sit shiva for him. Over seven days, they are forced to confront their own dysfunctional family dynamic.

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