Spidey and Obama’s Fist Bump


Hitting newsstand on Wednesday is the Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man #583, featuring Barack Obama on the cover.  The editor-in-chief of Marvel  said the idea was sparked when he learned that the President-Elect collects Spider-man comics.

The story has been all over the news for the past few days (Google currently shows 515 news articles). According to the Christian Science Monitor, “It’s already predicted that the issue, which will have a face value of $3.99, will be worth as much as $20 the first day it goes on sale – an instant collector’s item.” USA Today featured a panel showing Spidey and Obama fist bumping (note to the New Yorker: it’s no longer controversial).


Marvel announces on its Web Site that, because of “overwhelming demand,” they are going back for a second printing and they urge  “all retailers to use Diamond Code NOV088096 to place orders by Monday to best ensure that they have quantity in stock” in time for the inauguration.

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