What’s Your Pop-Culture IQ?


Try this from USA Today (consider it job training. After all, librarians need to know what’s current in the culture, including pop culture).

2008 Pop Culture IQ test

Then, tell us how well you did (and, no fair looking up the answers!)

7 Responses to “What’s Your Pop-Culture IQ?”

  1. Cathy Says:

    10 right out of 15 – not too shabby!

  2. Nora Rawlinson Says:


    I’m so impressed! I have to admit, I only got the book questions correct.


  3. Elita Says:

    I got a 50%, but I am under the age of 35. I’m sorry, but about half of those questions had almost no basis in 2008. I know a lot about current pop culture, but I don’t know much about things that are way before my time, like David Cassidy, movies starring Carmen Miranda and Woody Allen and who recorded a Batman theme song cover 30 years ago!

  4. marie Says:

    I only got 5 correct- oh well. Guess I’ve been busy with other things!

  5. SarahT Says:

    10 out of 15 for me … but a couple of those were lucky guesses!

  6. Denise Says:

    7 wrong 8 right. I got the book questions right also. I have to admit most of my other “right” answers were pure guesses.

  7. Elisabeth Says:

    Due mostly to lucky blind guesses, I got 11 out of 15. However, if that survey is really true to American pop culture, I feel no need to modify my habits in order to do better next year!