New ‘Joy of Sex’

The new edition of The Joy of Sex is reviewed in the New York Times today (curiously, in the “Fashion and Style” section). According to the article,  this edition is “written, for the first time, for women as much as for men.”  But with so much sex information widely available, do people actually need The Joy of Sex today? Yes, says British relationship pyschologist, Susan Quilliam, who revised the book, “Because we are more sexualized, we need something that is credible, accurate and authoritative.”

As for the illustrations, gone are the “Hairy Man” drawings of the 70’s, replaced by “photographs (and drawings, when things get too graphic) of a suitably buff 21st-century couple.”

The book, pubbed in the UK in September, will be released here in January. The U.S. edition is not showing on Amazon, but it is listed in the Crown Spring ’09 catalog (p37). The cover in the article is from the British edition. 

It seems the American edition will be more understated:

The Joy of Sex: The Ultimate Revised Edition, The Timeless Guide to Lovemaking

by Alex Comfort and Susan Quilliam

  • Hardcover: $29.95; 288 pages
  • Publisher: Crown (January 6, 2009)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0307452030

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