Heavy Reserve Alert — ‘The Oxford Project’

Featured in NPR’s roundup of best illustrated books for gift-giving is one of our favorites, The Oxford Project. Libraries are showing heavy reserve to copies ratios. It was featured on CBS Sunday Morning recently. Unfortunately, that segment of the show is not available on the CBS Web site [update — the video is now available, see: ‘Oxford Project’ Update).

The Oxford Project
Stephen G. Bloom and Peter Feldstein

  • Hardcover: $50; 264 pages
  • Publisher: Welcome Books (September 16, 2008)
  • ISBN-10: 1599620480
  • ISBN-13: 978-1599620480

One Response to “Heavy Reserve Alert — ‘The Oxford Project’”

  1. Katrina Fried Says:


    I am the Editor of The Oxford Project and was thrilled to read today on EarlyWord that libraries are seeing such a strong interest in the book. And I wanted to let you and your readers know that a video of the CBS Sunday Morning story about The Oxford Projetc was finally posted on CBS’s website today—so anyone who missed the original broadcast, can now catch it online! Here is the link:
    Thank you so much for your support and praise of the book—it means a great deal.

    Katrina Fried
    Senior Editor
    Welcome Books