Are Movies Dead? No, Just Morphing

As part of the NYT Magazine’s special issue on Hollywood, Kevin Kelly in his article, Becoming Screen Literate, says the future of movies can be seen on YouTube, where thousands of amateurs post hand-made short films that generate audiences to rival those for blockbuster movies.

Supporting this creativity are vast free visual libraries on the Web;  Flickr and Google SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse (warning: if you haven’t explored this site before, get ready to spend a LOT if time on it. For more on how SketchUp works, click here).

There’s plenty more in this issue. The Screening of America by NYT  film critic A.O. Scott predicts the death of the cinema and includes a stunning chart of the number of hours spent per person on “media consumption” in 2007. “Reading Books” is not included. Maybe it’s too small to make the chart?

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