‘People’ – Wally Lamb Not the Sexiest Man Alive

We’ve been lurking around newsstands, waiting for the new issue of People, which is generally available on Wednesdays, but didn’t show up until today.

The hot news? Hugh Jackman IS the the sexiest man alive.

But, sadly, according to People, Wally Lamb is not. His Hour I First Believed gets just 2.5 out of a possible 4 stars with a review that sounds more like a single star. Saying it offers “something for everyone,” the reviewer feels it is weighed down by “a meandering family saga…the kitchen-sink approach slows momentum.” Further, the “thrice-married rage-prone hero is hard to like.”

People has the minority opinion on this one; Entertainment Weekly rated the book a solid A, calling it his “best ever.” USA Today liked it a lot, calling it a page-turner, but conceding that there are times when,

Lamb’s tale could have benefitted from a more ruthless editor…But as they say, it’s the journey, not the destination, that counts. Lamb knows this better than most.

It hardly matters what the reviews are saying. The book is #19 on this week’s USA Today bestseller list, making it the fourth top-selling adult fiction hardcover.

Glenn Beck’s The Christmas Sweater is #1, Stephen King’s Just After Sunset is #2 and David Baldacci’s Divine Justice is #3, which will likely be the order on the upcoming NYT fiction list. It is also showing heavy reserves (nearly 600 on 30 copies in one multi-branch library)

For the other titles in this week’s People, as well as the other weeklies, check our listing of reviews in Weekly Magazines.

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