Movie Schedule a Moving Target

Harvey Weinstein keeps tearing up the movie schedule, so much so that the L.A. Times commented  recently,

It’s gotten to the point where if you have a movie with the Weinstein Co., you need to have your agent phoning Exhibitor Relations every morning to see if your film’s still coming out.

Among the changes are several movies based on books:

The Road, based on Cormac McCarthy’s book, staring Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron, has been moved from Nov 14th to an unspecified date next year.

Killshot, based on Elmore Leonard’s book, starring Mickey Rourke and Diane Lane, has been moved yet again (this is the fourth change of date); Weinstein told the L.A. Times it’s being moved to take advantage of Oscar buzz; not for the movie, but for Mickey Rourke who is likely to be nominated for another movie, The Wrestler. Official release date is now January 23rd. There are those, however, who feel Killshot will never be released.

The Reader, starring Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes has been the center of a feud between Weinstein on one side and the film’s producer, Scott Rudin and its director, Stephen Daldry on the other. Weinstein wanted the movie released in time to be eligible for the Oscars, but Rudin and Daldry felt it was not ready. Rudin finally abandoned the project. It seems that would have cleared the way to a December release date, but sources list it for January 9th.

There are also some non-Weinstein related reschedulings:

The Soloist, starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Jamie Foxx, based on the true story by Steve Lopez, has been moved from Nov 21 to March 13. Paramount announced this as part of a new biz strategy to reduce the number of films released in a year from 25 to 20. This puts the cost of marketing and distribution into the next year.

In a minor change, New Line has swapped two January release dates:

  • Hotel for Dogs, from Jan 23rd to Jan 9
  • Inkheart, from Jan 9 to Jan 23rd

We’ve been wondering about The Time Travelers Wife for quite some time. It was scheduled for December 25th, but there’s been no news about it, no trailer has appeared yet and it no longer has a release date listed in IMDB, so we’ve removed it from our listings.

The Nora Ephron movie of Julie & Julia, originally scheduled for April of next year, has been moved to August. The book’s author, Julie Powell, writes on her blog about seeing the rough cut last week (she had the thrill of getting up close and personal with Meryl Streep, who plays Julia Child).

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