The Bests of 2008 (wait, is it over already?)

Amazon is the first to the finish line with their Top 100 Editor’s Picks of 2008 list, signaling that dozens of other lists that will soon follow (we will track them for you). Amazon also runs a list of the Top 100 Customer Favorites, based on sales. The only title that appears among the top ten on each list? Edgar Sawtelle.

Also included are dozens of top ten lists by category, including Audio (the editors put the forthcoming Artie Lang’s Too Fat to Fish at #6; libraries have ordered the book, but not the audio).

For a semi-guilty pleasure (it’s work related, boss!), check out the Best Book Videos of 2008, featuring one for a book I’ve fallen in love with, The Oxford Project.

I could go on; there’s lots to discover in these lists. Let us know what strikes you.

(thanks to Shelf Awareness for pointing this out)

One Response to “The Bests of 2008 (wait, is it over already?)”

  1. lena tabori Says:

    Nora: I love that you love Oxford Project. I have never published a book I am more interested in. I am fascinated by the way it developed, by the impact it had upon the town and by the town itself. I also love the way the book itself grew and evolved into something that just has no bottom. You dig in and the more you go in, the more you find out and the more there is — just like a great relationship. Finally (and there really is no finally with this book), I love that when you get inside people (anyone, really) there are surprises, great big amazing surprises and how redeeming it is to get them out in the open.

    You and I haven’t seen each for years but I am so happen to hear your voice again. Why don’t you go write a review for the NYTBR! Lena