‘Marley’ — A New Trailer

I loved the first trailer for the movie of Marley & Me, but I guess it was too conceptual (and at least one online site called it “lame.”) So now, there’s a new more linear one; essentially a series of scenes of Marley acting up. It reveals that Owen Wilson has an unfortunate way of pronuncing “dog” and he’ll surely use the word a LOT in this movie, which also stars Jennifer Aniston as Grogan’s wife.

And, hey, is that Kathleen Turner as a scary dog trainer?

The movie comes out on Christmas Day.  John Grogan’s next book, The Longest Trip Home, his memoir of life before Marley (as People describes it this week, “You’ve, met the wife and the dog, now meet the parents”) releases on Tuesday (for more about it, see next post).

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