Site Changes

We’ve added a couple of new link categories on the right. Here’s what they are and why we’ve added them:

Books Coming Next Month — When you’re ordering far in advance, it’s hard to remember what’s coming out next month. These lists help you stay on top of the big releases for the month. They are also useful for deciding which titles need to get rush processing.

Books in the Consumer Media — You need to know what reviews are influencing your customers. This is a convenient roundup of what is being reviewed in the major consumer media.

While we’re at it, let’s explain the rest of the links:

Books of Fall ’08 — Previews — These magazine and newspaper previews are a good way to look ahead to the season. Since they are compiled by the editors of major books sections, these are the titles likely to be getting review coverage. We’ve also compiled all the titles into “Mashups,” with ISBN’s for the books’ various formats.

Books of Spring ’09 Preview — The Association of American Publishers is currently running a series of Webcasts of editors previewing books coming January through April. The link is to an Excel file with ordering information for all the titles.

Books to Movies — Obviously, movies bring readers to books and you HAVE to know what’s in theaters now as well as what’s coming down the road. And, obviously, you need to get a flavor of the movies. What better way than watching the trailers? Movies are arranged by release date, with links to the trailer (“Boss, it’s research, REALLY”). At the end of the list, are links to our lists of tie-in titles. Some libraries have used this list to create “Read the Book Before You See the Movie” lists. 

Download Publishers Catalogs — Publisher catalogs are invaluable for spotting which titles will be heavily promoted and for finding titles that may not get reviews (like new editions, embargoed and special-interest titles).  Here, you can download the current catalogs directly. For previous seasons, go the the “Publishers Catalogs” listings on the left, under “Pages.”

2 Responses to “Site Changes”

  1. Ellen Druda Says:

    Our blog post with your list got a lot of hits – thanks!

  2. Denise Engel Says:

    Thanks for all of the great site changes. This will make my job much easier and quicker yet with the new changes. I really appreciated the job you are doing. Thanks.