‘Unequal Democracy’

Currently, the third most emailed article from the New York Times is Economic View: Is History Siding With Obama’s Economic Plan?, from Saturday’s Business Section.

Examining the differences in economic policies between Democrats and Republicans, the article is based on the book Unequal Democracy by Larry M. Bartels. According to the article, understanding these differences, “brilliantly delineated” in Bartels’s book, “might help voters see what could be at stake, economically speaking, in November.”

As a result of the article, Unequal Democracy rose to #196 (from #4,936) in Amazon’s sales rankings. It is owned by 3 of the 7 libraries I checked.

Unequal Democracy: The Political Economy of the New Gilded Age

Larry M. Bartels

  • Hardcover: $29.95; 328 pages
  • Publisher: Princeton University Press (April 27, 2008)
  • ISBN-10: 0691136637
  • ISBN-13: 978-0691136639

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