New Readers; Keep ’em Coming

It’s great to see how many new readers are coming to the site from our link on Unshelved this week.

We’re also gratified that our “old readers” keep coming back. It’s fascinating to see the creative ways librarians use EarlyWord. Here’s some of the things we hear:

  • EarlyWord reminds me to buy audio and large type formats of titles that become popular; I don’t always have that information available when I first order a title
  • I use the “books to movies” information as basis for a “Read the Book Before You See the Movie” section on the library’s Web site
  • EW helps me focus on books getting heavier reserves than expected
  • It’s great to have the catalogs all in one place; they give me insight into which titles publishers will be promoting heavily
  • It’s helpful to see what’s getting reserves in other libraries. Our community doesn’t do a lot of reserving, so we can’t use that as a guide for what we need more of. 
Let us know how you’re using EarlyWord and what you’d like to see on it. And, please, share your insights (either via comments, or email me here). We want EarlyWord to become a community of librarians working together to “give ’em what they want.”

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