Let the Fall Previews Begin!

Newsweek (9/1) reminds us that the summer is reaching an end, with their fall entertainment preview. Among their picks in movies, are three based on books (and, no, they don’t mention Twilight).

Check our “Upcoming Movies — with Tie-ins” section for tie-ins to these and other movies of the Fall.

  • SEPT 26  Miracle at Santa Anna

Directed by Spike Lee, this story of black WW II soldiers is based on the book of the same title by James McBride.

  • OCT 10   Body of Lies

Directed by Ridley Scott; starring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington, based on the book by David Ignatius.

  • NOV 14 Quantum of Solace

(Newsweek lists the opening date as Nov 7th, but it was recently moved to the following week). The next in the 007 franchise, starring Daniel Craig, directed by Marc Foster (who directed The Kite Runner). Based on the collection of Bond short stories of the same title.

Unfortunately, turning to books, Newsweek‘s “Guide to the Fall’s Hottest Reads” doesn’t engender much excitement for the nine selections. Each book gets a “Pro” and a “Con” with the cons being more persuasive. Page numbers come up a lot; the editors seem exhausted by the length of many of the books. Here’s hoping other fall book previews will exhibit more enthusiasm.

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