OverDrive Helps Libraries Reach Customers

All week on my local NPR station, I’ve been hearing ads for NYPL’s event in Central Park this Sunday, “The Digital Bookmobile” 

This is the first event in Overdrive’s “Digital Bookmobile’s National Tour” (hey, I hope there’s t-shirts!)

What a brilliant idea; by helping the library promote the service, OverDrive insures that library customers use it (they even sprang for the NPR ads).

The Digital Bookmobile is an 18-wheeler (the increased cost of gas must be causing agida). After New York, the Bookmobile will travel to Boston, Long Island, Washington D.C., and places in between (I plan to be there when it come to Brooklyn P.L. on Tuesday).

This follows on the heels of the successful Digipalooza event that OverDrive held in Cleveland last month, the second “international user group conference of OverDrive partner libraries.” From reports of bloggers, it was an inspiring event (e.g., Thoughts of a Well-Rounded Librarian and Top Librarian). OverDrive plans to do a third Digipalooza, but haven’t selected a date yet.

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