HP and the HBP Trailer

The first trailer for the movie of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince just appeared on the Web and has fans atwitter. It will appear in theaters this Friday. The movie is scheduled to release 11/21.

MTV has already done an “exhaustive” shot-by-shot analysis. and the site Rotten Tomatoes thinks it contains a spoiler. The big news is that the trailer shows Voldemort as a childEntertainment Weekly’s PopWatch Blog says the “gray, bleak dread here is unrelenting,” which is odd, since star Danial Radcliffe told the L.A. Times in March that the movie is “the funniest of the films so far.”

The last book in the series, HP and the Deathly Hallows, is being filmed as two movies, to be released Nov, 2010 and May, 2011.

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