‘The Condition’ on NYT bestseller list

All the titles that debuted on the USA Today bestseller list on Thursday also made their first appearance on Sunday’s Times list.

The one unique fiction title is The Condition by Jennifer Haigh, which went on at #35. The author spoke at the Librarian’s Author Dinner at BEA this year. Consumer reviews have been strong, including today’s by Janet Maslin in the Times,  and it’s “Pennie’s Pick” for July in the “Costco Connection (search under “Haigh”). Pennie, who is Costco’s Book Buyer says, “the novel is so rich and detailed that I’m sure I’m not the only one who will reread it and love it just as much the second time around.”  Haigh’s 2005 title, Baker Towers, was on the Times list for two weeks at #23 and 29.

Copies of The Condition have been received in most libraries; holds to copy ratios are ten to one in some libraries.

Consumer reviews:

New York Times, July 21, “A Child With a Problem, a Family With an Excuse,” by Janet Maslin. “…The Condition is something rare. As she demonstrated in Mrs. Kimble and particularly in Baker Towers, Ms. Haigh has a great gift for telling interwoven family stories and doing justice to all the different perspectives they present.”

Washington Post Book World, Sunday, July 13, “The Cost of Silence; A daughter is physically small, but her family is emotionally stunted,” by Chris Bohjalian

Wall Street Journal, July 5, “A Tale of Family Trauma and Redemption,” by Gabriella Stern

The Seattle Times, “The Condition: Trajectory of an upscale, dysfunctional family,” by Bharti Kirchner

Boston Globe, June 29, “Daughter’s condition leads to breakup and reunion of the McKotches,” by Clara Silverstein

The Condition 

 Jennifer Haigh

  • Hardcover: $25.95
  • Publisher: Harper (July 1, 2008)
  • ISBN-10: 0060755784
  • ISBN-13: 978-0060755782

New nonfiction titles to the Times list are:

#12 Nonfiction


Somewhere in Heaven 

by Christopher Andersen. (Hyperion, $23.95) — About Christopher and Dana Reeve’s marriage, The first and only appearance on a list. Libraries own with comfortable holds to copy ratios.


#27 Nonfiction 

How the States Got Their Shapes, Mark Stein, HarperCollins — also on the Boston Globe NF list at #8 & Indie Bound NF at #48 after two weeks. Author Stein appeared on CBS Sunday Morning on July 6th. Holds are building in some libraries.


#31 Nonfiction


Books: A Memoir, by Larry McMurtry (Simon & Schuster)  — also at #14 on the Indie Bound NF list. Modest ordering with comfortable holds to copy ratios.


#33 Nonfiction

Hero of the Underground by Jason Peter with Tony O’Neill (St. Martin’s) — According to PW, this is “an unflinching look at the dark side of a life devoted to pleasure.” Owned in modest quantities with comfortable holds to copy ratios. This is the only list it has appeared on.


#5 Paperback Advice

Perfect Selling by Linda Richardson (McGraw-Hill). As we reported, this appeared on Thursday’s USA Today list at #22.

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