New to the Bestseller Lists

Congrats to Judith Sutton, LJ’s cookbook columnist. She’s the co-author, with Mario Batali, of the Italian Grill, which went on the NYT Hardcover Advice bestseller list at #6.

With all the attention it’s been getting, it’s no surprise the Edgar Sawtelle went on nearly every bestseller list this week, with the exception of the WSJ and Los Angeles Times lists. Its highest position is on the Washington Post list, at #4.

As a result, the Harper imprints now have three dog books on the NYT bestseller lists. The Art of Racing in the Rain and Edgar Sawtelle (Harper Ecco) sit next to each other on the Fiction list, at #13 and #14, respectively. Marley and Me is on the Paperback Nonfiction list at #8.

The Monster of Florence, also getting a lot of review attention, went on all but the Indie list. It’s highest position is #4 on the NYT list.

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