A Form of Tribute

For the first time in many months (possibly years), the Amazon top five does not include a single Oprah title. The top three spots are occupied by books by one author –Tim Russert. Big Russ and Me takes the number 1 and 3 spots (in paperback and hardcover), and Wisdom of Our Fathers is at number 2.

One might assume that the books are being bought as gifts, but reserves are piling up in libraries, too, proving that people want to read them. Hennepin (MN) P.L. shows 145 reserves on their 25 copies of Big Russ various editions.

The Russert books moved David Sedaris’s When You Are Engulfed in Flames to #4. It has been at #1, slipping occasionally to #2, on Amazon since shortly after pub date. It went onto all the national bestseller lists this week, hitting at #1 USA Today and #1 on the NYT nonfiction list.

In the fifth spot on Amazon is the forthcoming Stephenie Meyer title, Breaking Dawn, due August 2nd. It’s been in the top five since the end of April.

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