In a Snit Over the Madonna Book

The New York Post gossip columnist Richard Johnson is not happy. In today’s column, he calls S&S’s Adam Rothberg a “fork-tongued flack.” It seems Adam refused to give him the scoop about Madonna’s brother’s tell-all book, due next month. Instead, he gave the story to Hillel Italie of the AP.

Good for you, Adam. Hillel is on the publishing beat full time and Johnson only covers books when it suits his gossip-mongering.

Johnson adds some tidbits to the story — he claims the book will be “brutal”;

“It’s extremely graphic and devastating,” said a source who declined to give details. “He wrote it on the sly without telling Madonna. They want to put it out before her lawyers can get a hold of it.”

We’ll let you know when we get biblio info on the title, due next month.

One Response to “In a Snit Over the Madonna Book”

  1. Jeffrey Gegner Says:

    Since the book has been getting a lot of publicity, Hennepin County Library (suburban) placed a “Work in Progress” record into the catalog yesterday. There are already 10 requests.