Today’s Reviews — 5/23

New York Times

Her Father, His Secrets, Herself

The Bishop’s Daughter: A Memoir

By Honor Moore

365 pages. W. W. Norton. $25.95

Washington Post

Notes on a Supporting Role

By Eleanor Coppola

Nan A. Talese/Doubleday.290 pp. $25

Business Week

The Case of the Bogus Bordeaux
The Billionaire’s Vinegar:
The Mystery of the World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Wine

By Benjamin Wallace
Crown; 319pp; $24.95

The Bottom Line: With plenty of suspense and richly quirky characters, this is one juicy tale.”


Business Books
Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are

By Rob Walker

Random House; 291 pages

Wall Street Journal

Summer Reading
Politics and Poverty
Interview with Sen. Harry Reid, “The Good Fight”
The Maketing of Thirst
By Elizabeth Royte
(Bloomsbury, 248 pages, $24.99)
That Melody Sounds Familiar
The Great Transformation of Musical Taste
By William Weber
(Cambridge University Press, 334 pages, $99)

Chief Bender’s Burden: The Silent Struggle of a Baseball Star

by Tom Swift

Univ of Nebraska Pr (April 1, 2008), $24.95

LA Times, Daily

Austerity Britain: 1945-1951,” David Kynaston

Seattle Times

(Not) Keeping Up With Our Parents: The Decline of the Professional Middle Class

by Nan Mooney

Beacon Press, 254 pp., $24.95
“The Pearl”: a nobleman defied social conventions

The Pearl: A True Tale

of Forbidden Love in Catherine the Great’s Russia”

by Douglas Smith

Yale University Press, 284 pp., $35

Unclear, fussy “Steer” strands reader

Steer Toward Rock

by Fae Myenne Ng

Hyperion, 255 pp., $23.95

“Snuff”: a porn queen’s quest for Immortality


by Chuck Palahniuk

Doubleday, 208 pp., $24.95

“The Lost Daughter” is hardly a parenting guide

The Lost Daughter

by Elena Ferrante

Europa Editions, 160 pp., $14.95

Reconstructing history from the rubble of natural disasters in “Apocalypse”

Apocalypse: Earthquakes, Archaeology and the Wrath of God”

by Amos Nur with Dawn Burgess

Princeton University Press,

309 pp., $26.95
“In the Blast Zone”: A collection of essays on Mount St. Helens

In the Blast Zone: Catastrophe and Renewal on Mount St. Helens,”

edited by Charles Goodrich, Kathleen Dean Moore, and Frederick J. Swanson

(Oregon State University Press, 124 pp., $15.95).

Barnes & Noble Review

George MacDonald Fraser: An Appreciation
The Reavers

by George Macdonald Fraser

Knopf (April 22, 2008)

Christian Science Monitor

That Summer in Sicily
Marlena de Blasi offers a taste of old-world Sicily with this story of love among the almond blossoms.

Ballantine Books 283 pp. , $24

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