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People have told us that they like the convenience of our bestseller links (see “Best Seller Lists,” to the right), so we thought we’d try to do the same for reviews (see “Book Reviews,” to the left, under “Pages”).

RSS feeds automatically update links to specific reviews, which is great, but I’m not completely happy with the results. Only the headlines show in the feeds, not the titles of the books; I want to see at a glance what’s being covered. And, many important sources don’t offer feeds, while others are out of date or inconsistent.

So, in frustration, I put the following together manually for today’s reviews. Let me know if it’s worth the extra effort.

5/20 Reviews:

New York Times

APPLES & ORANGES: My Brother and Me, Lost and Found, Marie Brenner, Illustrated. 268 pages. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $24.

USA Today

Two submarine accounts:

Escape From the Deep: The Epic Story of a Legendary Submarine and Her Courageous Crew, Alex Kershaw, Da Capo Press, 217 pp., $27.95

A Tale of Two Subs: An Untold Story of World War II, Two Sister Ships and Extraordinary Heroism, Jonathan J. McCullough, Grand Central Publishing, 277 pp., $26.95

Salon – American Nerd: The Story of My People, Benjamin Nugen

Slate – Relentless Pursuit: A Year in the Trenches with Teach for America, Donna Foote

This book has other positive reviews, including one in The Chicago Tribune. 5/03

The author was also featured in US News and World Report, 3/5

Washington Post – HALLAM’S WAR, By Elisabeth Payne Rosen, Unbridled. 473 pp. $25.95

L.A. Times – Snuff, Chuck Palahniuk, Doubleday: 198 pp., $24.95

All Things Considered (5/19) –

Rabih Alameddine discusses his new book, The Hakawati

The author is on the current show.

Maureen Corrigan’s Summer Fiction Picks

  • Lady of the Snakes by Rachel Pastan;
  • The Sister by Poppy Adams;
  • The People on Privilege Hill by Jane Gardam; and
  • Exiles by Ron Hansen

Boston Globe

The Man Who Loved China: The Fantastic
Story of the Eccentric Scientist Who
Unlocked the Mysteries of the Middle Kingdom
By Simon Winchester
Harper Collins, 316 pp., illustrated, $27.95

This book has been reviewed by many sources, including USA Today, 5/8.

Winchester is also on the current show.

Barnes and Noble Review

The Age of American Unreason by Susan Jacoby

Jacoby received quite a bit of attention when this book was pubbed in February. USA Today’s Book Buzz column called her “the “Intellectual ‘It’ Girl,” of the moment. The book appeared on several bestseller lists, including the New York Times Nonfiction, where it rose to #3. It went off the list in early April.

Business Week

The Pixar Touch: The Making of a Company
By David A. Price
Knopf; 308pp; $27.95

Also reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, 5/16

Christian Science Monitor

General Lee’s Army, Joseph Glaathaar Simon & Schuster 600 pp., $35

Wall Street Journal

The Lincolns: Portrait of a Marriage
By Daniel Mark Epstein
(Ballantine, 559 pages, $28)

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