Frey Mashup, Part Deux

Yesterday, we did a Frey review mashup and compared the wild analogies that reviewers are using to describe the book. Today brings the most outrageous one yet, from Dierdre Donahue of USA Today:

Morning reads like a saccharine-sweet Hallmark Special that Oliver Stone wrote and Quentin Tarantino directed.

Whereas Time magazine’s Lev Grossman finds the book is “reminiscent of the socially conscious early 20th century naturalism of John Dos Passos and John Steinbeck,” Donahue invokes the same authors to make the opposite point;

Alas, Frey is no John Steinbeck or Dos Passos. Morning is a gusher, too often spouting bad prose, predictable plot turns, and one-dimensional characters (the poor ones are good, the rich one evil)

Looks like you may have some fun discussion at the New Books shelves!

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