New “Masterpiece”

USA Today heralds the new PBS “Masterpiece” series, Cranford saying “if the author and the book are new to you, allow the reliably wonderful [Judi] Dench [playing the main character] to be the draw.” The three-part series begins on Sunday.

The book by Elizabeth Gaskell, was published in 1851. It is a public domain title, and available in several editions.



Jeffrey Gegner, Popular Materials Specialist at Hennepin County Public Library, rightly points out that I am being a bit format-limited in this post. As he says,

It’s possible to order the DVD of this production. The scheduled release date is May 20. Hennepin County Library (suburban) has had it on order since the end of March and we already have 51  customers on the waiting list. So far there has not been much interest shown in the print but that may change once the first episode airs.

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