Self-pub to Bestseller

We wrote about The Shack three months ago when it first appeared at #147 on the USA Today bestseller list. Now that it’s risen to #8 (from #11 last week), USA Today also takes note of it, with an article in today’s book section. The book, published by two former pastors is described as being about “the father of a murdered child [who] encounters God the Father as a sarcastic black woman, Jesus as a Middle Eastern laborer and the Holy Spirit as an Asian girl.” Published a year ago, its sale grew because of attention from Christian radio, websites and blogs.

The book’s success will surely add fuel to self-publishers’ dreams. The author says that his original goal was just to get it “copied and bound at Kinko’s in time for Christmas as a gift to my kids.”

Most (but not all) libraries I checked have copies, a few still show on order status, with heavy holds to copy ratios.

The Shack

William P. Young

  • Hardcover:$24.95
  • Publisher: Windblown Media (December 6, 2007)
  • ISBN-10: 0964729245
  • ISBN-13: 978-0964729247
  • Paperback:$14.99
  • Publisher: Windblown Media; (May 1, 2007)
  • ISBN-10: 0964729237
  • ISBN-13: 978-0964729230

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