Certain Snobs

If you like Jennifer Weiner, you’ll love watching chick-lit pioneer, Laura Zigman, stand up for her in The Wasington Post. You don’t often read a review that begins by taking another reviewer to task (if we did, review pages might be more lively). Zigman says “Jane Smiley’s dismissive review of ‘the pinkest book you can imagine’ — in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the paper Weiner herself used to write for — was funny enough in a bitterly ironic way to be something right out of one of Weiner’s novels.” And goes on to say,

Smiley thinks it’s a shame that Weiner doesn’t “address larger questions than the psychological ups and downs of her nice Jewish characters,” but to me there are few things larger, not to mention more interesting and entertaining, than the psychological ups and downs of nice Jewish characters, especially the ones Weiner writes about.

Let the Chick Lit Wars begin!

Weiner is not going to be taking the literary high road any time soon, however. She recently signed a two-year deal with ABC Studios. Hollywood Reporter sees this as following in the footsteps of Cecila Ahern, who signed with ABC in 2006 and created the comedy series “Samantha Who?”

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