May Book Sense Picks

A debut novel, the Outlander (by Gil Adamson, not to be confused with the 1991 book of the same title by Dana Gabaldon) tops the Book Sense Picks for May. It is on order, in small quantities, in most libraries:


The Outlander

Gil Adamson

  • Hardcover:$25.95
  • Publisher: Ecco (April 15, 2008)
  • ISBN-10: 006149125X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0061491252

The Outlander is a breathlessly told tale of a murderess widow who flees into the mountain wilderness, pursued by her vengeance-seeking brothers-in-law. As she makes her hapless way, she meets up with an entertainingly odd series of characters who propel her on her journey, their eccentricities mirroring her sometimes faltering mind. A marvelous adventure in the early 1900s North American West.” —Kathleen Johnson, Prairie Lights Books, Iowa City, IA

For those unfamiliar with Book Sense, it’s a program created by the American Booksellers Association to promote independent bookstores. One aspect of the program is the monthly Picks, twenty favorite titles pubbed in that month, selected by ABA members. Each pick is accompanied by a recommendation by a bookseller. The recommendations are not reviews, but models of quick handsells. Stores use the picks in various ways — some display all the titles, some use shelf talkers with the bookseller recommendations, and many promote them on their Web sites.

The full list of the Picks is a great resource for Readers Advisory information.

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