Expect Demand

USA Today’s bestseller list shows that the 2002 edition of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, now at #121, has been on the list for 306 weeks, which means it’s been on nearly every week since its publication date.

So, get ready, there’s a new edition coming out next week. It’s not on order in any of the libraries I checked.


  • Paperback: $14.95
  • Publisher: Workman, 4th edition (April 10, 2008)
  • ISBN-10: 0761148574
  • ISBN-13: 978-0761148579
  • Hardcover:$24,95
  • Publisher: Workman, 4th edition (April 17, 2008)
  • ISBN-10: 076115079X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0761150794

The publisher says that every chapter has been rewritten. The new information includes, among other things, recent medical developments and “the most current lifestyle trends (from tattooing and belly piercing to Botox and aromatherapy)”.

Ewww, belly piercing?

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