BEA Hearts Librarians


A special day of programming for librarians, plus a Graphic Novel Day will be featured at the upcoming BEA. That’s the good news. The bad news is both run on the same day, Saturday. So, there will be some hard choices — the Graphic Novel Author Breakfast with Art Spiegleman or a panel on “How Libraries Buy”? “What Retailers and Librarians Should Know about Video Games and Gamers,” or “What Librarians Wish Publishers Knew”?

Again this year, the AAP Trade Libraries committee (made up of the library marketers from the major publishers) will host a Book Buzz session, with library reps presenting the highlights of their lists, followed by a “Meet the Publisher Reps Reception.”

There will also be a special librarian hotel (the Kyoto Grand Hotel) and an AAP Author dinner for librarians.

Details will be up on the BEA site soon (we’ll let you know when that happens). Meanwhile, Lance Fensterman, who runs BEA has a preview of the Graphic Novel Day on his blog and here’s a list of the programs in the librarian track:

New Technologies and New Literacies for Teens

How Libraries Buy: Librarians Reveal Their Methods for Collection Development

Bridging the Gap Between Publishers and Libraries: Standards to Help Manage Licenses and Use

Obscene in the Extreme: Why Books Still Get Banned

Book Trip 08 — how Jack O’Connell’s new book, the The Resurrectionist (Algonquin, April) came into being, from finding the right publisher through the editing process and marketing.

What Librarians Wish Publishers Knew: What Makes Them Tick, What Ticks Them Off

Get Graphic @ Your library

BEA’s Librarian Book Buzz/Meet the Publisher Rep Reception 2008

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