USA Today Bestsellers 2/21


USA Today‘s “Book Buzz” column notes that Barack Obama’s Audacity of Hope is now at #11, the highest it’s been on its 35 weeks on the list (it was at #25 last week). Meanwhile, Amazon shows the book even higher, currently at #3. His previous title, Dreams from My Father is also on the rise, at #26, up from #61, on the USA Today list. The column also notes that “Obama has a contract with Random House for two more books, one for children.” Hmm, wonder what the delivery dates are?

“Book Buzz” says Susan Jacoby may be the “Intellectual ‘It’ Girl,” of the moment because her book, The Age of American Unreason (Pantheon, $26) is one of those rare books by “a serious thinker … that grabs the popular culture’s imagination.” Rare, indeed. The column is only able to give two other examples, both from many years ago; The Culture of Narcissism by Christopher Lasch (1979) and The Closing of the American Mind by Allan Bloom (1987). Jacoby appeared on the Today Show on Tuesday. Holds are building in libraries and several still have the title listed as “on order.” The book is not yet on the USA Today list (the list shows sales through the 17th, so it doesn’t take into account results from recent publicity). The publisher says there are now 56,000 in print. It rose to #2 on the Amazon list this week and is currently at #14.

The following titles are rising because of movie tie-ins:

Now at #16 The Other Boleyn Girl is up from #26. the movie releases at the end of the month.

Landing at #134 is Jumper by Steven Gould. The movie brought in $33.9 million since its opening on 2/14 (which included the President’s Day holiday weekend), putting it slightly ahead of The Spiderwick Chronicles. The following titles in the series moved up the list:

The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Field Guide at #34, up from #67 after 7 weeks.

Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles: The Nixie’s Song at #80, up from#132 after 9 weeks.

Spiderwick Chronicles: The Seeing Stone at #85, up from #145 after 2 weeks.


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