“Iron Man” & “Prince Caspian” Coming to Theaters; “Inkheart” Postponed

I was watching the Puppy Bowl on Sunday. I understand some other Bowl was on at the same time and that it is famous for its half-time show and its ads. Personally, I was blown away by the Puppy Bowl ads for the Bisell Pet Hair Eraser vacuums and, particularly, by the Bisell Kitty Half-time Show, but it’s the ads on the other Bowl that got the media attention.

Evidently, I didn’t miss much.  Ad Age called it “a performance Madison Avenue will not soon live down.” Variety was a bit more charitable and mentioned two movies based on books (one of the comic persuasion) — “Disney successfully whetted appetites for its Chronicles of Narnia sequel Prince Caspian,” but “Paramount’s Iron Man whizzed by so rapidly it was hard to make out much about the lesser-known Marvel character, and the special effects looked slightly unfinished.”

Both movies are coming in May. I’ve just posted previews of upcoming books to movies by month in the “Pages” section.

For those looking for the movie of the Inkheart trilogy in March, Variety reports that it has been postponed to Jan. 2009, “in part because the studio believed it couldn’t adequately market the pic in light of the hit television is taking from the writers strike.” So, they don’t want to run ads against reruns? We’ll keep you posted on whether a writers strike settlement changes this decision.

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