R.A. Clipping File — Mysteries

The following titles are owned widely, so I haven’t included bibliographic information.

christine.jpg priest.jpgsoul.jpg river.jpg missing.jpginthewoods.jpgsnitchjacket.jpgpyres.jpgheadgames.jpg
The NYT Book Review‘s “Inside the List” column urges readers to seek out titles on the Edgar nominee list because it is “an essential, against-the-grain reading guide,” since “the writers on its lists tend not to be well known (yet) to American audiences” (indeed, only one was actually reviewed by the Times). Unfortunately, however, they also report that sales and recognition don’t tend to follow.

The Wall Street Journal reviews Go With Me by Castle Freeman, Jr., saying “There is a clear moral arc to this storyline, and suspense too. But Go With Me is also a literary novel, with echoes of Deliverance and Cormac McCarthy.”

The Washington Post “Mystery” column reviews five new titles that have “panache” in common. Graving Dock, is the second title in what the reviewer terms a “brilliant” new series (it began with Red Hook). He adds “At a time when some of the older masterful cop writers, like Ed McBain, are dying or just fading away, Cohen’s appearance comes as a relief and pleasure.”

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