Friday Guilty Pleasure


I have a new guilty pleasure. I don’t know why I consider it guilty, exactly. Surely I have plenty of reason to be reading about books? Maybe it’s because most book coverage is so deadly serious and this is fun.

It’s the Washington Post Book World‘s new (since September) book blog “Short Stack.” Each week, one of the Book World‘s editors poses a short provocative essay. I particularly love the this week’s “Skip the Book, See the Movie,” a list of five movies that are better then their book sources (with great commentary on why each was selected).

My own top pick for this category is Sex and the City (I know, I know, it’s not a movie, but we’re having fun here). I’m always amazed that someone was able to envision that wonderfully coherent and enthralling series from such a disjointed book.

More good cathartic Friday reading is the post “Books That I Wanted to Throw Across the Room.” Atonement heads the list.

Actually, there may be some practical value to this column. There’s some good RA ideas (“Great Sci Fi for People Who Hate Sci Fi,” for instance. This one was a hit, with 233 comments) and it can spark ideas for library book blogs.

Damn. Another guilty pleasure down.

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