Reading Oprah


Over at the blog “GalleyCat” Oprah speculation is gearing up. Based on a hint that Oprah’s next pick may be a $14 paperback from Penguin Putnam’s Plume imprint, GalleyCat sat down and checked out every recent $14 title in the Plume catalog. One of the six is Meg Rosoff’s Just in Case.

We’ll be checking to see if Rosoff has a special glow during her appearance at the FOLUSA Tea during MidWinter on Monday.

GalleyCat notes as a “con” for the selection that the book was originally published as a YA novel, but “on the other hand, Plume clearly believes Rosoff has the chops to cross over to an older readership, so who’s to say Oprah wouldn’t see it that way, too?” Sadly, this casual prejudice against YA titles is endemic. No wonder Rosoff chose to release her next book, What I Was as an adult title.

The Oprah  will be announce her next books club selection on the show on January 30th.

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