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With My Body

Gemmell, Nikki


On Sale Date: 6/19/2012
Imprint: Harper Perennial
Print Run: 100K
Format: Trade PB
Price: $14.99
ISBN: 0062122630
ISBN 13: 9780062122636
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Eight years ago Nikki Gemmell created a literary phenomenon with The Bride Stripped Bare, an unflinching depiction of female sexuality that climbed bestseller lists around the globe. Now she returns with a tour de force that explores whether it is ever truly possible to find intimacy with another person. With My Body is at once a manifesto for married mothers everywhere and a highly personal story of one woman’s sexual awakening.  A wife, comfortably married with three children, is contemplating the constraints of motherhood and middle age, and finding that she has gone numb within. Locked in a never ending cycle of house chores, school runs, and meal times, she sees no way to live her life with honesty, verve, and passion. Even her husband, whom she loves, has never touched the core of her being. Only one person has ever come close, so despairing of ever finding a way through her family to reconnect with her innermost identity, she returns to the memory of an old, unresolved love affair. Revisiting her past, she will confront the hidden truths of her heart while beginning an exhilarating journey into her sexuality.  Exquisitely raw, bold, and emotional, With My Body is deeply resonant of the classic French erotic writings of Colette, Nin, and Duras—but with a provocative twist and modern insight into present-day sexuality and that could only come from the intimate and invigorating voice of Nikki Gemmell.

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