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Long Earth

Pratchett, Terry/ Baxter, Stephen


On Sale Date: 5/29/2012
Imprint: Harper
Print Run: 75K
Format: HC
Price: $25.99
ISBN: 0062067753
ISBN 13: 9780062067753
Other Formats
AUD Audio (9780062189608)

Larry Lynsey is a recluse in every sense of the word. But in the High Meggas, one of the farthest regions in Long Earth, a series of parallel worlds that become increasingly un-Earthlike with distance, he has the advantage of being the only living person on the planet. In fact, he is the only person on the closest ten planets and it would take anyone else a really long time to get to him even if they tried. So life for Larry is just the way he likes it, blissfully undisturbed.  Unfortunately, this solitude is disrupted when two people, Anna Shea and Steven Valiente, find themselves stuck in the High Meggas and high jinks ensue.  With Pratchett’s subtle satire and vibrant, believable world-building skills, his first science-fiction novel in over three decades, The Long Earth, is sure to appeal to fans new and old.

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