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Spring-Summer 2012 Titles
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15 Seconds

Gross, Andrew

All That I Am

Funder, Anna

Beautiful Ruins

Walter, Jess

Beautiful Sacrifice

Lowell, Elizabeth


Ford, Richard

The Cottage at Glass Beach

Barbieri, Heather

Flight From Berlin

John, David

The Great Escape

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth

The Innocents

Segal, Francesca

Into the Darkest Corner

Haynes, Elizabeth

Long Earth

Pratchett, Terry/ Baxter, Stephen

Picture This

Sheehan, Jacqueline

Porch Lights

Frank, Dorothea Benton


Dunn, Matthew

The Shoemaker's Wife

Trigiani, Adriana

An Uncommon Education

Percer, Elizabeth

An Unmarked Grave

Todd, Charles

We Only Know So Much

Crane, Elizabeth

What I Did

Wakling, Christopher

When We Argued All Night

Mattison, Alice

With My Body

Gemmell, Nikki



Brinkley, Douglas

Fooling Houdini

Stone, Alex

It Worked For Me

Powell, Colin/ Koltz, Tony

Prague Winter

Albright, Madeleine


Wolf, Naomi


Hirshman, Linda



Goldman, Carrie


The Taken

Pettersson, Vicki

Sports & Recreation

One Shot at Forever

Ballard, Chris


Heaven is Here

Nielson, Stephanie

40 Titles From HarperCollins and a whole Lot More!

The 2012 Midwinter ALA conference was held mid-January in Dallas, TX. The HarperCollins Library Marketing team spoke about their favorite Spring and Summer 2012 titles. All had a rootin’ tootin’ good time!

Spring-Summer 2012 at ALA Midwinter
with Virginia, Kayleigh and Annie

Our Spring-Summer list is so chock-full of wonderful titles that we have added 9 extra bonus titles which we did not have time to present at MidWinter conference! Just look for the HarperCollins Library Mascot, Buzzbee to hear about these additional titles.

Best, Virginia

Just click on the covers to the left to get valuable background information on each title.


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