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Fall 2011 Titles We're Buzzing About...


Aloha from Hell

Kadrey, Richard


Foenkinos, David

The Doll

Du Maurier, Daphne

Domestic Violets

Norman, Matthew

Falling Together

de los Santos, Marisa

First You Try Everything

McCafferty, Jane

Irma Voth

Toews, Miriam

The Lantern

Lawrenson, Deborah

The Legacy

Webb, Katherine

Lost Memory of Skin

Banks, Russell

The Marbled Swarm

Cooper, Dennis


Crichton, Michael/ Preston, Richard

Out of Oz

Maguire, Gregory

Practical Jean

Cole, Trevor


Stephenson, Neal


Toyne, Simon

The Sixes

White, Kate


Pratchett, Terry

Wayward Saints

Roche, Suzzy


The Arrogant Years

Lagnado, Lucette


Lithgow, John

Happy Accidents

Lynch, Jane

Lost in America

Buzzell, Colby

My Life, Deleted

Bolzan, Scott/ Bolzan, Joan

Swing Low

Toews, Miriam


A Bitter Truth

Todd, Charles


The Heirloom Life Gardener

Gettle, Jere and Emilee/Sutherland, Meghan


Geek Girls Unite

Simon, Leslie

Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations

Kennedy, Caroline/ Beschloss, Michael

The Other Side of the Couch

Small, Gary/ Vorgan, Gigi

A Train in Winter

Moorehead, Caroline


Defensive Wounds

Black, Lisa

L.A. Mental

McMahon, Neil

The Night Eternal

Del Toro, Guillermo/ Hogan, Chuck

41 new titles plus Book Club Title Suggestions from HarperCollins!

The 2011 ALA Annual Conference was held at the end of June in New Orleans.  Over 175 librarians heard the HarperCollins Library Marketing team talk about some of their favorite titles coming out in Fall 2011.

Fall 2011 Title Presentation at
ALA Annual

with Virginia, Kayleigh and Annie

Our Fall list is so chock-full of wonderful titles that we have added 11 extra bonus titles which we did not have time to present at the ALA conference! Just look for the HarperCollins Library Mascot, Buzzbee to hear about these additional titles.

Best, Virginia

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