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It’s the Country Music Best List

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

In our pursuit of specality best books lists, we discovered Country Music TV’s Web site has picked it’s favorites of 2007. Perhaps demonstrating how far country has come, three of the titles are from university presses.

Two are from the University of Illinois Press’s “Music in American Life” series:

Havighurst, Craig. Air Castle of the South: WSM and the Making of Music City, University of Illinois Press (Sept. 27, 2007), Hdbk, $29.95.

ISBN-10: 0252032578

ISBN-13: 978-0252032578

Diekman, Diane. Live Fast, Love Hard: The Faron Young Story, University of Illinois Press, (Aug 13, 2007), Hdbk, $29.95

ISBN-10: 0252032489

ISBN-13: 978-0252032486

And, from Oxford University Press:

Russell, Tony, Country Music Originals: The Legends and the Lost, Oxford University Press, Hdbk, (Oct. 9, 2007), $29.95

ISBN13: 9780195325096

ISBN10: 0195325095

The article notes that “Book choices are relatively sparse this holiday season for those who like country music only” and the other seven choices are well-represented in libraries.

Cookbooks Under the Radar

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Many best books lists appear at year’s end. But they tend to repeat the same well-known titles that you bought months ago. On the other hand, specialty lists often bring to light titles that were not covered in the pre-pub sources. This month’s Saveur offers a list of the editors’ top ten 2007 favorites. The following titles on the list did not get advance reviews and are therefore under represented in many library catalogs.

Since the Saveur piece is not online, we’ve cribbed their comments below:

Ortega, Simone and Ines. 1080 Recipes, Phaidon Press, (October 26, 2007), Hdbk, $39.95.

ISBN-10: 0714848360
ISBN-13: 978-0714848365

“…Spain’s best-selling cookbook for more than 30 years. At long last, an English-language edition, updated with recipes that reflect that country’s recent avant-garde culinary renaissance.”
Parkes, Simon. The Calcutta Kitchen, Interlink, (March 30, 2007),Hdbk, $29.95.

ISBN-10: 1566566711
ISBN-13: 978-1566566711

“a compendium of masterly recipes, essays…serves up a vision of India’s third-largest city that stays with you long after you’ve left the kitchen.”

Riley, Gillian, The Oxford Companion to Italian Food, Oxford University Press, (October 2, 2007), Hdbk, $39.95.

ISBN-10: 0198606176
ISBN-13: 978-0198606178

“an exhaustive, alphabetized encyclopedia on the foods and culinary traditions of Italy.”

Meanwhile, this month’s Gourmet looks ahead to a certain crowd pleaser from Karen Tack, “one of the most sought-after food stylists in publishing.” Her handiwork is on the cover of the issue as well as the feature article on homemade sweets (the photo of the cinnamon palmier defines “food porn” for me).

In her forthcoming Hello, Cupcake, Houghton Mifflin, (April 23, 2008), shows off her ability to play with food.

Trade Paperback, 15.95ISBN-10: 0618829253

ISBN-13: 978-0618829255

While we’re on the subject of food in the library, the Palm Desert Library has hit on a winning idea, using local chefs in their programming.

‘Tis the Season

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

It’s that schizophrenic time of the year. As librarians begin to order Spring/Summer titles, the consumer media is making its picks of the best titles of 2007 (and, to add to the list mania, we’re beginning to see the picks for holiday giving. There’s even a book list for fashionistas). The National Book Critics Circle has added to the surfeit of lists, with a poll of the favorites of its 800 members (an impressive 500 members responded to the call). This list kicks off a new initiative – a monthly list. The more timely monthly lists may be more helpful to selectors than the annual. We’ll let you know about them as they are published. The NBCC blog gives the top five selections in the categories of Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry. None of the selections are a surprise, but there are some interesting choices in the longer lists for fiction, nonfiction and poetry. I was happy to see Kate Braestrup’s moving debut memoir “Here if You Need Me,” on the nonfiction list. For some reason, it hasn’t yet received strong library pick up. Tell fans of the book to look for Kate’s second title, “Marriage, and Other Acts of Charity” in 2009.